Adoption Information

Adoption is the process through which a child becomes a permanent part of a new family. Adoptive parents have the same responsibilities and legal rights as biological parents.

What are the different types of adoption?

Who may adopt?

  • Single, married or living common-law
  • Of any race or ethnicity
  • Any sexual orientation
  • With or without children of your own
  • Any income bracket

You must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • A resident of Manitoba
  • Willing to participate in adoption education programs
  • Willing to participate in the completion of a homestudy assessment

Which children are available for adoption?

  • Permanent wards of a child and family services agency (parental rights have been terminated) who are registered with the Central Adoption Registry
  • While there are children of all ages, the greatest need is for placements for children over the age of six years
  • Both male and female
  • Sibling groups