Concerns & Inquiries

As a child or young person, you have many rights and responsibilities. If you have questions, the following resources may help:
VOICES: Manitoba’s Youth In Care Network.
The Office of the Children’s Advocate.
• For children in foster care, there is a specific complaint process outlined in Section 21 of the Foster Homes Licensing Regulation. Please contact your CFS agency directly to ask about this process.
• For children in group care (i.e., group homes, treatment centres, and institutions), there is a specific complaint process outlined in Section 33 of the Child Care Facilities (Other than Foster Homes) Licensing Regulation. Please contact the child care facility directly to ask about this process.

What if I have a concern or complaint about my worker?

It is possible at some point you and your worker may disagree about something.
First, when you have a complaint or disagree about a decision made about you -- talk to your worker. Sometimes having a conversation can help solve a problem. If there is still a disagreement, and you think decisions being made are not the best for you, here are some things you can do:

• Contact your social worker’s supervisor. Every social worker has one, and they are available to talk with you as well. You might also want to write down the conversations you’ve had with both your worker and the supervisor about the complaint.
• If you don’t get an answer from the supervisor, or you don’t think your complaint has been solved properly, you can also contact the program manager of the agency. If you are contacting the program manager, you need to explain what the problem is, and what has been discussed with both your worker and supervisor.
• If the problem is still unresolved after speaking with the program manager, you can then contact the director of the agency to review the matter. Also, complaints regarding agency staff can also be brought to the attention of the General Authority. The person who deals with agency complaints is the Community Inquiry Specialist. Phone the General Authority at 204-984-9360 for more assistance.